Craft swords with randomized stats!

Alchemy Swordsmith is a randomized loot drop simulator game that lets you tweak randomized weapon rolls with alchemy and blessings and sell those swords to make your way up the ranks within the Alchemy Swordsmith Guild!

Forge, Alchemize, Bless, Upgrade with your MOUSE.


Words / Code / Pixels / Noise
Christopher Lu @christhemute

Andrea Baroni

Alan Dalcastagne

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorFun Sewer Level
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsClicker, Crafting, Fantasy, html5, Idle, Loot, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Swords


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i finally did it… i finally got it…

great game!!! but is there a way to full screen?

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Game runs on android in more higher resolution, so i can only see left top corner.


It's really cool to sometimes get stats that seem "good" but the blade score might as well be a random number generator. I don't see the coorelation. More importantly though, the optimal strategy seems to be to forge and immediately sell since it takes so much time to trial and error into an optimal build. Even with a level 4 alchemize the increase in score doesn't seem worth it.

I found this game really fun and cool, but I’m a bit confused on what Reputation is used for. But other than that, this is a really cool simulation!



Hey thank you so much for playing!

The Reputation points you accumulate can be spent to rank up in the Guild. On the top right opens a menu and you can dump reputation points into the big circular reputation coin on the right. 

Oh, OK, thank you! :)